Climate actions

What I can do

Reducing my personal carbon emissions

My focus: vegetarian diet; composting; reducing waste; transit, walking and biking; decreasing plane travel; measuring impacts and documenting changes.

Why: reducing my own impact has a concrete effect itself, but it also helps me learn what it takes to change habits and model those changes for others.

Building communities

My focus: finding relevant local organizations interested in transit and climate issues.

Why: while individual actions are significant, it takes coordination with others to take actions at a larger scale, whether it's a community garden or a federal policy.

Raising awareness

My focus: finding relevant organizations for engaging in protest (Extinction Rebellion, Climate Strike, Sunrise); blogging or regular online communication.

Why: most people still literally don't recognize the need for transformative change and the catastrophic alternative.

Influencing local policy

My focus: transit and land use. Developing for housing density and transit-orientation can reduce our carbon emissions.

Why: municipal policy makes big and underappreciated impacts on climate, and policy can be easier to affect and to see effects in the community at the local level.

Influencing federal policy

My focus: setting carbon reduction goals, pricing carbon emissions, building rail infrastructure.

Why: some important systematic actions, like setting market costs for carbon or developing high-intensity infrastructure, will be more effective and efficient done at the state, federal or international level.


Diagrams for choosing different actions to respond to multi-faceted problems:

Last updated: 12 December 2019